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Quarantine has given influencers a lot of time to make content, and a lot of striving influencers the opportunity to be home and finally pursue their calling in life. There must be a handbook somewhere called "Influencing 101" and chapter one is definitely "The Perfect Morning Routine." 

Look, I love following my influencers on social media as much as the next girl. And I’m amazed at the people who can meditate, enjoy their oat milk matcha with collagen latte, journal, make a healthy breakfast, and do a 12-step skin care routine before starting their workday. However, I have not been able to accomplish all of those things in the course of an entire day, and it’s been leaving me feeling like I’ve somehow failed and set my day up for disaster... by 7:15 am. 

Most mornings during quarantine I wake up and feel like the starting gun went off five minutes ago so I’d better “hup to!” to keep up. Is that ideal? No. Is that a reality right now with a teething grumpy 9 month old who seems to have forgotten the part in my sleep training book that says he should be sleeping until 7:00 am consistently at this point? Yes. My mornings are spent getting him fed, ready, and entertained, all while begging him to stop screaming as daddy is on a Zoom call. See, baby used to go to this magical place during the day while mommy worked called daycare. And his amazing teachers fed him, sang songs, made up games, and played with him while he crawled around and stole pacifiers from his little friends. Now, I’m his only friend, and turns out, I’m only mildly entertaining at best. 6:00 am - 7:30 pm is like 47 years at my house. By 3:00 pm I’m wondering if my phone did an update which somehow froze the time. I’m so thankful our new Lovevery box came yesterday because I honestly think baby was planning a walk-out.

For some reason there’s this expectation that because we’re all at home we should be writing books, learning languages and "making the most of it." And if that’s what you’re doing then that’s amazing because that’s the path that’s calling your name. But that's also a lot of pressure, and I think it’s important to recognize that during the really hard times is when we need to have compassion with ourselves. So for the momma who’s tired, the entrepreneur who doesn’t know if their business can survive being closed this long, and the person who just got laid off - I say start your day however the hell you want. If you get a cup of coffee in your system while it's warm, pat yourself on the back - you're already several steps ahead of me.